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NCC Water-based Paving and Patio Sealer is a natural finish Impregnating sealer that is also suitable for internal areas and for vertical as well as horizontal applications to impregnate and seal natural stone and other mineral finishes. These include the surfaces of all types of porous natural stone, reconstituted stone, and other mineral surfaces, including sandstone, limestone, granite slate, marble, quarry tiles, bricks & concrete paving etc.

NCC Water-based Paving and Patio Sealer dries with a natural finish and minimal change to the natural stone colour and texture, the surfaces can then strongly repel water, oils, and grease, which helps to protect against damage by frost action and to prevent staining. Technically therefore, NCC Water-based Paving and Patio Sealer is classified as being both a hydrophobic and an oleophobic stone paving sealing material, plus it also allows the treated surfaces to breathe (transpire in accordance with normal building materials physics), which prevents unsightly staining and discoloration due to the build-up and entrapment of salts under the sealer.

Characteristics / Advantages
  • Clear impregnating sealer
  • Natural appearance and finish
  • Water based so no solvents & non-flammable
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for application from 5°C to 25°C
  • Brush, roller and/or low-pressure spray applied
  • Protects against staining and frost damage
  • Inhibits dirt pick-up and green growths
  • Maintains the original appearance and beauty of your stone
Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Application - Directions for use:

(Note: Always test on a small inconspicuous area prior to wider general use - Always shake the bottle well before use).

Ensure surface to be treated is completely clean, dry, and free from dirt, grime, cement, and grout residues. If necessary, first wash surfaces with a dilute solution of NCC Heavy Duty Grime Remover diluted as required (up to 1:10). Rinse well to remove any residues and leave to thoroughly dry (24hrs).

Apply NCC Water-based Paving and Patio Sealer by pouring into a suitable container, such as a good-sized roller tray, then apply generously and evenly using a light pressure sprayer, suitable short-pile roller, or paint brush. The aim is to completely fill the substrate pores, but without over-applying, so any surface ponding must also be avoided, and excess material must be removed as necessary. On more absorbent surfaces apply additional coats at approximately hourly / 2-hourly intervals until the surface is fully saturated. Do not use when the surface temperature is under 5°C or over 25°C.

NCC Water-based Paving and Patio Sealer will usually dry quite quickly, however it is also important not to allow the freshly sealed surfaces to get wet, and the area must be kept dry and protected from rain and/or any other sources of water splashing and run-off, for a minimum of 3 days (5 days for full service and vehicular traffic), in order that the dry film can fully dry and harden to optimum strength.

Important note:

On any sensitive stone, as always and as with all paving treatments and sealers, we strongly recommend carrying out an inconspicuous test area and allowing this to dry thoroughly first, and before any overall application.

Coverage of NCC Water-based Paving and Patio Sealer (M² per application):

  • Higher porosity surfaces: 37.5m²
  • Medium porosity surfaces: 75m²
  • Honed smooth surfaces: 150m²
  • Aftercare: - keep the paved surfaces clean and routinely blow, sweep, clean and where necessary, wash the sealed surfaces using a mild, pH-neutral detergent.

    Storage information: Stored in a cool, dry, frost-free environment, the shelf-life is up to 2 years for un-opened containers.

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