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GftK’s vdw 840+ Paving Joint Mortar is our ‘best of the rest’ in a 1-part / 1-component, Polymeric Sand ‘ready-to-use’ technology based product that is probably best described as the ‘Entry level’ for DIY paving jointing. ln comparison with all of the Polymeric Sand (air-drying), 1-component joint compounds on the market, GftK’s vdw 840+ stands out due to its higher strengths and better strength correlation, plus its unique moisture tolerance that allows the better and more efficient option of "wet" slurry application and ease of compaction into the joints. GftK’s vdw 840+ also has greater retention of these strengths and other performance characteristics.

Characteristics / Advantages
  • Supplied ready-to-use
  • No mixing or power tools necessary
  • Easy wet slurry application
  • Can be applied in light rain
  • Suitable for narrow joints from 3mm to 20mm
  • For pedestrian areas only

Paving surfaces remain almost free from residual binder, any that does remain will disappear with weathering GftK's vdw 840+ paving grout mortar is a 1-component, ready-to use, patio pointing product that is primarily designed for easy DIY use. This pointing mortar is suitable for pedestrian only areas such as patios, pathways and terraces with natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete paving elements.

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GftK's vdw 840+ is the most advanced single pack jointing / grouting mortar on the market and is based on the latest and most advanced polymeric sand pointing formulation and highest polymer content available. As with all 'polymeric sand' pointing products, the material consists of a fine sand blended at high speed with an aqueous vinyl acrylic polymer, supplied ready to use, vacuum sealed and packed into a plastic bag within a plastic tub. To apply the bag is cut and poured directly onto the prewetted paved surface in small piles, where it is spread and compacted into the joints with more water. The water in the product evaporates leaving the dried polymer in place binding the sand particles together in the joints. GftK’s vdw 840+ has a unique formulation and is a major advance in polymeric sand based paving joint mortars for DIY domestic patios and paving.

The vdw 840+ is designed for use on all types of stone and concrete paving and in joints from >3mm to a maximum 20mm wide, plus it is not only tolerant of damp surfaces and conditions during application, but it is also wet-slurry applied onto thoroughly pre-dampened paving, thoroughly soaked and kept this way during the application. It is therefore extremely tolerant of the British Weather - No more waiting for a sunny day and good weather forecast to do the pointing and complete the patio – though as with any polymeric sand mortar is does required good dry weather to finally harden as this pprimarily occurs through water evaporation.

To install the vdw 840+ you simply open the protective tub, take out the bag, cut it with a knife and pour out onto the surface in small piles, then with more water from a hose, wet-slurry apply using a rubber squeegee (also available in the tools section of this website shop), moving it across the surfaces and directly into the joints; clear the surfaces with the squeegee and then after a few minutes settling and drying, rinse off any excess mortar with a little more clean water. After a further few minutes, brush off any final residue from the paving surfaces - Job Done – Easy-peasy, and your patio or other paved area is ready for use the very next day at around 20°C.

GftK’s vdw 840+ is the easiest to use, best performing, ready to use single pack, polymeric sand based paving joint mortar / patio grout on the global market. It is therefore for DIY application on domestic patios, paths and all types of hard landscaped domestic garden areas. The wet-slurry application is done standing-up and is an extremely fast application, plus great finished results are achieved with this advanced patio and paving joint mortar, which is also non-staining on fully pre-saturated surfaces, and has increased weed and boring insect resistant too!

The vdw 840+ is suitable for grouting all types of patio paving including those with natural stone (granite, limestone, sandstone, slate etc.), reconstituted stone and other concrete pavers or flags etc. However, vdw 840+ is not designed for areas used by vehicles or commercial / public areas with pressure jet wash cleaning, or any mechanical cleaning machines - for these areas please use our epoxy resin bound paving joint mortars vdw 800, vdw 805, vdw 850, or vdw 855 - According to the specific paving design, usage and loading requirements.

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Important note: Buyer beware - GftK’s vdw 840+ and other 1-component Polymeric Sand Products on the market are not 'resin mortars'. The term and classification of ‘Resin Technology’ Paving Joint Mortars only refers to the high performance, 2-part / 2-component, reaction hardening, epoxy resin based jointing materials such as vdw 800, 815, 850 and 855, and not these air-drying products that cure and harden by simple evaporation. This product and the inferior lower-polymer versions of the same technology that are now widely available in Builders Merchants ARE NOT RESIN MORTARS, as these are sometimes called by people who should know better, or who perhaps do and want to give the impression that they are the higher performance type of products. They are not …….so please beware!

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