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NCC Resin Residue Remover is designed to help you remove all types of resin residues such as those from polymer or epoxy grouts etc., left or spilled onto patios and other paved and tiled, including porcelain, external surfaces. This specially developed cleaning material is a low odour, non-caustic surface treatment that works by softening the residues left by paving jointing compounds and grouts, making their removal from the surface of natural stone, and porcelain tile paving much easier.

Characteristics / Advantages
  • Supplied ready-to-use
  • Water dispersed – Solvent free
  • Non-acidic and non-caustic material
  • Fast-acting & problem solving
  • Removes vinyl polymer, epoxy resin and other residues
  • Removes brush-in paving joint compound residues
  • Suitable for natural stone, concrete, & ceramic (incl. porcelain) surfaces
Directions for use (Always Shake the Container Well Before Use)

As with all paving cleaning and surface treatments, we strongly recommend that you always test NCC Resin Residue Remover on an inconspicuous area prior to its general use. Always mask and protect any adjacent areas and materials that are not being treated with the product.

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Paving Cleaning & Protection Guide
Paving Cleaners – Video Guides

Surface preparation: Ensure that the surface to be treated is completely clean (other than for the offending residue!) and completely dry. If necessary, clean the surfaces generally first e.g. clean the paving with NCC Grime Remover, rinse well with clean water and allow time to fully dry.

Application & Removing Resin Residues:

- Apply NCC Resin Residue Remover undiluted as supplied, liberally by dabbing on with a suitable paint brush. Work in small manageable areas at a time and do not brush out, leaving the solution to work for up to 30 minutes, but Do Not allow the solution to dry out. If drying should or looks like it is going to occur within this 30 mins, simply apply a little more of the solution to keep it wet.

- After 30 minutes, use a clean, stiff short haired brush, sponge, and/or paper cloths etc., to pick-up and completely remove the softened resin material from the surface. Repeat this process with NCC Resin Residue Remover as necessary until all the unwanted polymer / resin residue material has been removed.

- Once the specific areas of residues are removed, clean the overall paved / porcelain tiled surfaces using NCC Grime Remover diluted 1:10 in warm water. Apply with a light pressure sprayer on larger areas, or simply apply on smaller areas directly with the scrubbing brush. Agitate the surface using a scrubbing brush or a so-called boat deck brush can be good. Finally rinse the surfaces thoroughly using a hose / nozzle and clean water.

Consumption / Coverage: (per litre)

Light surface residue stripping: 8-10m²

Deeper / thicker residue build-up removal: 5m²

If you need further advice or assistance check out the additional support, documentation and consumption calculator on this website, or you can call our specialist team for any more specific advice on 01257 266696 out of hours you can email: and we will get back to you just as soon as possible.

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