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Porcelain Cleaning Background: Despite the impression of many people that external porcelain will simply retain its good looks, unfortunately this is not generally the case unless the surfaces are protected and/or regularly maintained. In exactly the same way that any indoor ceramic or porcelain tiled floor and wall areas need to cleaned regularly to maintain their appearance, so does external porcelain paving, otherwise dirt, dust, all manner of undesirable stains and green growths will gradually build-up, just as they do on any other externally exposed paved surfaces.


NCC Porcelain Cleaner for Aftercare use is a pH Neutral cleaner that has been specially developed to help you do just this, and in case you are wondering, yes this product is safe and suitable to use indoors as well as externally, and for any ceramic as well as porcelain tiled surfaces. The gentle but very effective action, means that where necessary it can be used every day without damaging the superb look and finish, plus it is also very cost effective, as it is diluted by from 1 to 10, up to 1 to 30 with warm clean water for use.

NCC Porcelain Cleaner for Aftercare is ideal for the frequent cleaning of a wide range of hard surfaces, including natural stone paving and ceramic tiles, as well as all types of internal and external porcelain tiles, also leaving the area with a fresh clean fragrance. Due to its gentle but highly effective action it is suitable for use on both sealed and unsealed, polished, and unpolished surfaces.

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Paving Cleaning & Protection Guide
Consumer Detergent Ingredient Datasheet
Characteristics / Advantages
  • Cost effective concentrate to dilute as necessary for use
  • Acid-free, pH neutral formulation
  • Water dispersed & finishes smear-free
  • Fast-acting for quick results
  • Suitable for sealed and unsealed surfaces
  • Suitable for polished and unpolished surfaces
Directions for use

1. For Manual Applications: Dilute 2 or 3 capfuls NCC Porcelain Cleaner - Aftercare, use more where necessary on more heavily soiled areas, in a standard floor cleaning bucket with ~5-7Litres of warm water. Mop the surfaces in the usual floor cleaning way and allow to dry. NCC Porcelain Cleaner - Aftercare does not require rinsing. Highly polished surfaces should be gently buffed to a perfect finish using clean dry cloth pads.

2. Machine application (scrubber drier types}: Dilute NCC Porcelain Cleaner - Aftercare according to the cleaning power required as follows:

  • 1 to 10 parts in warm water for heavily soiled surfaces
  • 1 to 20 parts in warm water on medium soiled surfaces
  • 1 to 30 parts in warm water on lightly soiled surfaces

Set the machine release rate for the cleaning solution to normal, then proceed to scrub the surfaces and remove / extract the used solution as normal for the machine.

Additional Important Note: On polished surfaces use the lightly soiled dilution ratio, and on both polished surfaces & highly glazed tiles, finish by dry buffing as normal.

Consumption / Coverage (per litre):

One 5 litre bottle of NCC Porcelain Cleaner for Aftercare can produce enough diluted cleaning solution to treat a porcelain tiled area of ~20 m2 approximately 200 times, making it very cost effective too!

If you need further advice or assistance check out the additional support, documentation and consumption calculator on this website, or you can call our specialist team for any more specific advice on 01257 266696 out of hours you can email: technical@nccstreetscape.co.uk and we will get back to you just as soon as possible.

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