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Driveways for both private and public buildings, as well as other designated car parking areas are frequently paved with hard wearing natural stone setts or dense commercial quality (usually mi 80mm thick for public areas) concrete blocks. These are used to provide an attractive appearance and a durable trafficked surface.

Driveway Paving Joint Mortars

Driveway paving joint mortars also called driveway paving pointing, or driveway grouting, are very important for fast completion and long-term durability for paved driveways and any other car and vehicle parking areas. This is the case for both natural stone setts and concrete blocks used for so-called ‘bound’ (bedded and jointed) paving and somewhat unsurprisingly, these ‘smaller’ paving units are both what is known as ‘small format paving’. Generally, this is defined as less than 300-400mm x 300 – 400mm, which means that in addition to the strength and quality of the paving units themselves, the paved area’s durability is very much dependent on the quality and performance of the paving jointing mortar. This is especially important to accommodate and transfer the vehicle loadings, both static and dynamic, to resist freeze-thaw action, as well as to resist jet-washing, and/or mechanical paving cleaning equipment This is all in addition to preventing damage from boring invertebrates such as ants and other insects, and to prevent weed growth, as well as to supporting drainage through an appropriate combination of falls and permeability, in accordance with the UK’s latest ground water protection regulations.

To achieve the necessary performance and to maintain an attractive appearance with long term durability in service, it is essential to use the right paving units and the right product in the joints between them. The selection of the right paving jointing mortar is dependent on the type of paving unit and its dimensions, plus the anticipated loadings, i.e., the type and frequency of vehicular traffic load, the proposed cleaning regime, i.e. will the paved areas be cleaned by simple brushing with detergents, or even occasionally by jet washing, or even with mechanical road sweeping / high pressure washing machines, as can happen in public and commercial parking areas…?. In all paved driveways and paved car parking areas it is also sensible to use paving joint mortars that will prevent weed growth and infestation by burrowing insects such as ants etc. The GftK range of 2-part, epoxy resin based, paving jointing materials for use in trafficked paved areas, including domestic driveways and public car parking areas can easily accommodate all these requirements, plus these semi-permeable jointing mortars are designed to help suppor surface drainage for ground water and environmental protection.

NCC Streetscape has the ideal GftK paving joint mortar available for every paved driveway and car parking area including solutons for both new and refurbishment / repointing projects. Visit the Paving Jointing Products page, where there is a helpful guide to the right paving joint mortar selection, or you can call us for specific advice on your project – 01257 266696.

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Driveway Cleaners

The Driveway Cleaners from NCC Streetscape include a full range of safe, effective and non-toxic chemical cleaning products for paved driveway cleaning. This includes general purpose driveway cleaning products for all different types of stone and block paving, as well as special driveway cleaning products for removing automotive oils and grease, dirt and grime from traffic, plus green algae and other organic growths and debris such as grass cuttings etc., or to remove cement and most other stains from paved driveway surfaces. Incidentally, cement stain and so-called ‘cement haze’ removal is frequently necessary after cement based jointing mortars. You can avoid this by using the more environmentally friendly, cement-free, advanced mortars from GftK! For more information visit our dedicated Paving Jointing Products page.

Use the Paving Cleaners page and the Paving Cleaners Selection Guide to see which advanced driveway paving cleaning product is the right one for your Driveway paving project. You can then order it easily from this website - right here in our secure Online-Shop.

Driveway Sealers

Driveway Sealers are also provided by NCC Streetscape and we supply a complete range of Driveway sealers that includes general purpose Driveway sealers, plus special sealers for use as natural stone driveway sealers, Indian Sandstone paving sealers, concrete block sealers and the latest invisible but protective impregnating hydrophobic sealers for use on all types of driveways and car or other vehicle parking areas. All these technologies and products are designed to reduce water penetration and frost damage to the paved driveway or car park surface, plus to reduce staining from spillages and organic debris (leaves and grass cuttings etc.), wherever required to provide this additional protection and durability. Review the information, advice and summaries on these focussed pages, to determine the best technology and products for your paving sealing requirements – They are not all the same and there is no universal paving sealing solution, the right product depends very much on the type and condition of the paving, the application conditions, the intended exposure and the resistance required, plus the future cleaning regime.

Important note: Driveway sealers are not the same as paving Joint Stabilisers. If you are not using a hardening patio jointing material, such as the excellent vdw range of GftK Driveway Paving Jointing Mortars, and you require your driveway sealer to provide a significant contribution to stabilising block paving jointing sand, then you should use a specifically designed Jointing Sand Stabilising product Otherwise any limited ‘stabilising effect will be temporary and you will soon be doing the job again - and possibly then have difficulties in compatibility with the ‘Sealer’ you have applied and the new Jointing Sand Stabilising product that you now want to apply – An expensive and very unattractive mess on your investment can follow! – For more detailed information on these materials, please refer to the dedicated Paving Jointing Sand Stabilisers page on this website.

Please visit our dedicated Paving Sealers page and the extensive information on the different types of these materials and their advantages and limitations, to see which paving sealing product is ideal for your Driveway project. You can then order it easily from this website - here in our secure Online-Shop.

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Driveways, Car Parks and vehicle Access Areas

For Paving Cleaners , Paving Sealers or Jointing Sand Stabilisers and other specialised Additional Paving Products, please visit the relevant page of this website, or again you can always call us for expert advice.

For more specific information on some of the successfully completed Paved Driveways or Parking Areas, by our customers using the unique GftK Jointing Mortars, please visit our Case Studies Page. Alternatively if you already know what you need for your project you can Buy Online here in our On-line Shop. Please follow the links in the text or though the tabs at the top, or on the left of the page.

For more advice or assistance with your specific paving project, please call 01257 266696 for FREE Expert Advice during normal office hours, or you can email us at any time to: and we will get back to you just as soon as we can. Thank you.