Additional Landscape Surfacing

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Additional Landscape Surfacing Solutions

In addition to the many different types of paving and paved finishes that can be used, there are also other hard landscaping options for domestic, commercial and public areas. The most common are of course concrete, asphalt and different types and sizes of loose stone and gravels. All of these have their place, though finishing surfacing works with loose stone or gravels can create other difficulties for the end users from skidding, to noise and the need for pretty constant re-levelling of the materials, as well as the potential for weed growth of course. Therefore fixed surfaces are generally preferred as being much more use friendly for vehicular traffic, for pedestrians and even for children's play areas.


However the finishes available in concrete and asphalt / tarmac are not particularly attractive or decorative and so more choice and freedom of design is given by the use of Resin Bound, Resin Bonded and Playsafe Surfacing. These all use different combinations and applications of selected resins, aggregates, chippings and special fillers to create almost unlimited design possibilities for hard landscape surfacing. There are more specific details on each of these technologies in these pages of our website. For any specific assistance you can call our team on 01257 266696 or email us