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Porcelain Cleaning Background: Whilst many people have the impression that external porcelain tile paving rather than natural stone or concrete, is effectively the answer to the ‘Maiden’s Prayer’, with no need for cleaning and complete resistance to staining etc., but unfortunately this is not the case in the real world. If porcelain is left then dirt and debris will build-up as it does in any outside spaces, and staining will occur e.g. from the tannins in plant detritus, fallen leaves and grass cuttings etc., as well as potential rust staining from garden furniture or perhaps the ferrous sulphate in lawn treatments and moss killers, not to mention staining by cement grouts and jointing compounds. The realisation that porcelain paving can get dirty, even very dirty and stained, can sometimes come an unfortunate surprise to the proud owners of what was once pristine new porcelain paving on their patios, terraces, or pool surrounds.


Fortunately, NCC Porcelain Intensive Cleaner is designed to do exactly what it says on the bottle, and this advanced cleaning technology allows you to easily and successfully clean external porcelain tile paving that has suffered such a build-up of unwanted dirt, grime and grease etc.

NCC Porcelain Intensive Cleaner is the ideal solution to remove surface staining by tannins from plant detritus, the ubiquitous red wine stains (and other delights) from BBQ’s & Party Nights, and of course the dirt, dust and grime of seasonal exposure and necessary gardening tasks.

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Paving Cleaning & Protection Guide
Consumer Detergent Ingredient Datasheet

Once your porcelain surfaces are back to looking their pristine best with the help of NCC Porcelain Intensive Cleaner, they are easily be kept in this condition for longer and easier to clean in the future by protective surface treatment with NCC Porcelain Protector. Then going forwards this can be supplemented by the regular use of NCC Porcelain Cleaner – for Aftercare as required.

Characteristics / Advantages
  • Cost effective cleaning concentrate
  • Can be used neat for maximum cleaning power or diluted for less soiling
  • Acid-free formulation
  • Highly effective surface cleaning
  • Removes dirt and grease
  • Removes plant leaf and grass stains
  • Removes tannin and red wine stains
Directions for use (Always Shake the Container Well Before Use)

As with all paving cleaning and surface treatments, we strongly recommend that you always test NCC Porcelain Intensive Cleaner on an inconspicuous area, particularly of the jointing material, prior to its general use. (Please also see the additional note on this subject at the foot of this Product Page.) Always mask and protect any adjacent areas and materials that are not being treated with the product, including untreated timber etc.

Mild soiling (relatively): Dilute NCC Porcelain Intensive Cleaner 1:10 parts in warm water and apply liberally with a low-pressure sprayer or apply directly to the affected surface with a scrubbing brush. Agitate with the scrubbing brush, or a so-called boat deck brush, then pressure hose / jet-wash off with clean water.

Severe soiling: Dilute 1:3 parts in warm water. Apply liberally using a low-pressure sprayer or apply directly to the affected surface with a scrubbing brush. Leave for 5-10 minutes and then agitate with the scrubbing brush, or a so-called boat deck brush, then pressure hose / jet-wash off with clean water. Repeat if required.

Extreme soiling: Apply undiluted using a suitable scrubbing brush, directly onto the affected areas only, then add a little water and agitate with the scrubbing brush, or a so-called boat deck brush. Leave to work for a further 10 minutes or so, then agitate again and finally rinse-off thoroughly with clean water by pressure hose / jet washing.

Important Additional Application Notes:

- On larger areas all of these processes using NCC Porcelain Intensive Cleaner can be carried out by machines of the scrubber drier type, with the release rate for the solution set to normal, then proceeding to scrub the surfaces and remove / extract used solution as normal.

- Any residual alkalinity / product remaining on surfaces should be completely removed, which can be done by lifting with a little clean water and a sponge in smaller areas and machine rinsing and extraction for larger areas.

Consumption / Coverage (per litre):

Mild soiling: 50m²
Severe soiling: 20m²
Extreme soiling: 5-10m²

Additional Porcelain Paving Joint / Grouting Information: In relation to exterior porcelain tile paving joint staining, and failing exterior porcelain tile joints generally, with repointing requirements. This is especially important if single component, brush-in jointing compounds have been used initially, as these can be prone to discoloration in any event. As outlined in more detail on our website, these inferior materials are more DIY products and should never really be used for expensive porcelain tile paving, particularly as they are also not adequately resistant to jet washing, and so will need replacement in a few years at most. If any of this is an issue for you, please contact us at NCC Streetscape for detailed specific advice and recommendations on the best product to replace and repoint your porcelain, which will probably be one of the unique GftK 2-part epoxy resin based, vdw 815 or 850 paving joint mortars for optimum durability and a long service life. Email us at or call us on 01257 266696.

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