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NCC The paving joints in highways and town centre roads and pavements, together with those in many other public access paved areas, such as around parks, leisure facilities, public transport hubs and other community service areas, all have critical requirements for durable long-term performance in service. If their potential for high durability with good aesthetic appearance is to be maintained without frequent repairs and replacement works, then the Paving Joint Mortars used must be fully resistant to all the different types of specific traffic loadings and potential exposure that is anticipated for all or each of these areas.

In different locations these traffic loadings can obviously be variable according to their use and environment, meaning from pedestrian only areas, through bikes, cars, large 4 x 4’s and other types of wheeled vehicles, plus the whole range of buses and public services and the full range and scale of delivery vans. These can range up to the heavy delivery vehicles that can be up to 40 tonne articulated trucks, including brewery drays that are used for cask and keg deliveries to venues in town centres through our smaller streets and squares for example. Many of these roads, pavements and public access areas are also highly likely to be treated with de-icing salts in winter, and so the paving joint materials must be fully resistant to these, as well as the accelerated freeze-thaw reactions they create on the paved surfaces. The paving joint materials must also be fully resistant to the heavy bristle brushing actions combined with high-pressure, and sometime high temperature, water jet cleaning of mechanical road sweeping machines that combine this with high-pressure, and sometime high temperature, water jet cleaning. Unless we are very early-risers we may not see them or even realise that they exist, but these highly efficient and effective machines are regularly used in the early hours to keep our town centre roads, pavements and other paved surfaces as clean and hygienic as possible, despite their heavy use by the pubic and our public services.

The unique GftK range of vdw paving jointing mortars is ideally suited for town centre pavements and is also ideal for the refurbishment of these paved areas. Importantly during the application and installation of these paving jointing mortars in busy high street’s and shopping areas that are still open to the public, there is no dust as the work is by clean slurry application into the joints. This can proceed really fast – Without delays whatever the weather!

NCC Streetscape has the ideal paving joint mortar for every town centre street, roadway and pavement application (both for new paving and for paving refurbishment projects). All available from the unique GftK range.

See the Paving Jointing Products page of this website for a helpful guide to the right town centre paving jointing product selection, or call us on 01257 266696 for Expert assistance with your specific project’s requirements.


For additional information on Paving Cleaners, Paving Sealers or Jointing Sand Stabilisers and other specialised Additional Paving Products for town centre paving works please visit the relevant pages of this website. Alternatively please email or call 01257 266696 for specific expert advice on your town centre or highways paving project.

For examples of Town Centre and Street Work paving jointing projects recently completed by our customers throughout the UK, please visit the Case Studies pages of this website, where you can view or download many different town centres, highwayss and street paving jointing project case studies in PDF format.