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GftK's vdw 815+ is an advanced, high performance Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar that is most widely used for larger format paving (generally means flags and slabs more than 400mm x 400mm), with narrow joints > 3mm wide, and light to medium traffic loads, such as natural stone and external porcelain, on both domestic and commercial patios and terraces, swimming pool surrounds and/or retail shopping and other commercial areas. GftK's vdw 815+ is also a very useful solution to repointing smaller format paving such as stone setts that were originally butt-jointed, but now have 3 to nmm joint gaps for example. This is in order to help stabilise the surface, prevent weed growth and make cleaning easier e.g. by jet washing.

Characteristics / Advantages
  • Fast and cost-effective jointing
  • Clean, stain free surfaces
  • Self-compacting
  • Easy to use, ergonomic application
  • Wet-slurry flow applied
  • Can even be applied in the rain and at low temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Tough & abrasion resistant
  • Highly frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • Minimises the risk of trips and falls
  • Durable for a long service-life

GftK's vdw 815+ Paving joint mortar consists of epoxy resin pre-coated, alluvial (rounded), graded quartz sand that is mixed with a special reactive epoxy hardener to produce a free-flowing and self-compacting paving joint mortar. That is wet-slurry applied with lots of additional water, for high performance and extremely durable pointing / grouting in narrow joints (> 3 mm). It is designed for use with natural stone and is also especially suitable for use with quality external (>20mm thick) porcelain tiles and reconstituted stone flags / slabs.

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GftK's vdw 815+ is suitable for light to medium traffic loads, such as on domestic and commercial patios, terraces, pathways and domestic driveways etc. This advanced paving joint technology is fast and extremely easy to apply as a wet slurry that is self-compacting into the joints. As vdw 815 is applied on to pre-wetted paving surfaces there is also no waiting after cleaning or inclement weather e.g. for surfaces to dry, or even for the rain to stop! -The product can even be applied in the rain and at lower temperatures (> +3°C on a rising thermometer).

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GftK's vdw 815+ provides highly durable stain free surfaces, even on sensitive natural stone such as Indian sandstone or coloured limestones, with finishes that are easy to clean, with limited water permeability that meet the German GWP (ground water protection) requirements for garden paving and driveways etc. The hardened paving joint mortar is abrasion resistant - even high-pressure jet washing resistant, plus this top quality paving jointing mortar is highly durable, with full frost and de-icing salt resistance.

With GftK's vdw 815+ narrow paving joint mortar, you get the optimum paving joint strength correlation (tensile, compressive and e-modulus) for stress transfer and flexible recovery etc., in a water dispersed and environmentally friendly product and quality of finish.

Note: For wider joints with and the same high-performance requirements, we recommend the use of GftK’s vdw 850+ Paving Joint Mortar that is designed for use in wider joints (from minimum 5mm width). In the UK this product is now widely used for many different types of small and larger format paving.

Both of these advance technology products are ideal for use by both professional contractors and competent DIY'ers.

GftK’s vdw 815+ Colours
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