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Paving jointing mortars for hard landscaping areas in natural stone, high quality concrete blocks, or a combination of both, are required for use in many different types of pedestrian and vehicular access areas all around Commercial Developments, The use of paved hard landscaping has become the standard for many modern designs, as well as for the more traditional ones in and around retail areas and shopping centres, hotels, entertainment and leisure facilities and basically all kinds of public buildings, offices and residential developments.

Paving Jointing Mortars for Commercial Developments

Paving joints can be designed to blend in, or to stand-out as an architectural feature themselves. These paving joints can therefore be designed and installed to be in a similar or completely dissimilar colour to the paving elements, according to the effects that the Owner and their Architect wants to achieve.


Modern commercial developments use many different types of natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete blocks for their hard landscaping and design, all selected and used according to the areas function and the traffic anticipated. The specific function of the commercial paved area and the anticipated traffic loadings and exposure in this area, also dictate the type and selection of the most appropriate paving jointing mortar that should be used.

NCC Streetscape have the ideal paving joint mortar available for every type of paving, every type of area, traffic and exposure in both new and refurbishment paving works from the unique GftK range.

Our FREE technical support service is available to assist you with detailed paving jointing specifications including all of the necessary bedding and jointing details, accelerating the programme and scheduling with time saving advice and budgets including labour requirements with NO weather-delays in carrying out the works. As a result there can be considerable savings in time, money and effort for everybody involved by using the unique GftK range of vdw Paving Jointing Mortars.NCC Streetscape also provide FREE on-site training and both technical and practical support services for owners, designers, main contractors and your selected professional paving and landscaping contractors. We are so confident in our systems and their real and significant advantages that we are always happy to demonstrate the superb efficiency of our GftK Paving Jointing Mortars products and right on-site on your project!

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You can call 01257 266696 to arrange a FREE CPD presentation on ‘The Way Forwards in Paving Jointing for the UK’- or to see if it is possible to arrange a FREE demonstration on your site, where it makes sense to do so and logistics allow.

Additionally for a guide to selecting the right product see the Paving Jointing Products page of this website. Plus there is a selection of recent UK Commercial Developments with Paving Jointing Projects that have been successfully completed on our Case Studies pages where you can view or download them in PDF format. There are also videos of real projects in action so that you can see the ‘real thing’ on sites like yours!

NCC Streetscape also provides a comprehensive range of Paving Cleaners for removing cement staining, efflorescence or oil spillages etc. Additionally when Paving Sealers are required to protect against freeze / thaw attack or future spillages of oils or other staining materials, or Jointing Sand Stabilisers then NCC Streetscape has a complete range of paving sealing and sand stabilising products, together with many other useful Additional Paving Products These also include specialist waterproofing systems, structural adhesives and epoxy resins etc, which we have also selected as being ideal for use in external hard landscaping works.

For detailed information on Paving Jointing, Paving Cleaners, Paving Sealers or Jointing Sand Stabilisers and many Additional Paving Products, please follow the relevant links in the text, or the tabs at the top and on the left of this page.

Alternatively, you can call for specific advice and assistance on your paving jointing project - whatever your requirements.

For more advice or assistance with your specific paving project, please call 01257 266696 for FREE Expert Advice during normal office hours, or you can email us at any time to: and we will get back to you just as soon as we can. Thank you.