GftK vdw 815+ Paving Joint Mortar


GftK vdw 815+ is a 2-part, epoxy resin based paving joint mortar for narrow joints (>3mm) in natural stone and external porcelain paving. It is mixed and wet slurry applied with lots of additional water, enabling high flow characteristics and to be virtually self-compacting into the joints, then hardening and curing quickly to provide high performance and extremely durable paving pointing / grouting. GftK vdw 815+  is most widely used for larger format paving, which generally means flags and slabs more than 400mm x 400mm, and with relatively narrow joints from > 3mm wide, such as with fine natural stone and external porcelain tile paving, on both domestic and commercial patios and terraces, as well as exposed swimming pool surrounds, and/or retail shopping and other commercial areas. GftK vdw 815+ is suitable for light to medium traffic loads, such as on domestic and commercial patios, terraces, pathways, and domestic driveways etc. This advanced paving joint technology is fast and extremely easy to apply as a wet slurry that is self-compacting into the joints, and as vdw 815 is applied on to pre-wetted paving surfaces, there is also no waiting after cleaning or inclement weather, e.g. no waiting for paved surfaces or joints to dry  (for larger joints from >5mm width use GftK vdw 850+).

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Weight 10.1 kg

Natural Sand, Stone Grey, Basalt