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GftK's vdw 855 is the heavy duty grade of this unique range of 2-component, high performance Epoxy Paving Joint Mortars that is 'State-of-the-Art' for long term durability in heavy impact vehicular traffic areas, including those used by heavily loaded articulated delivery trucks, as well as for other specialist vehicle hard standings and inspection areas. The advanced GftK’s vdw 855 is primarily applied by standing-up using wet-slurry techniques, which combines to be super-fast and brings paving jointing/grouting to a healthier and more ergonomic position than being on your hands and knees all day. GftK’s vdw 855 is fully resistant to cleaning by high pressure water jetting and mechanical street cleaners, plus it prevents weed growth and eliminates damage by boring insects.

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Characteristics / Advantages
  • Fast and cost-effective jointing
  • Clean, stain free surfaces
  • Self-compacting
  • Easy to use, ergonomic application
  • Wet-slurry flow applied
  • Can even be applied in the rain and at low temperatures
  • Clean, stain free surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Optimum strength correlation
  • Tough & abrasion resistant
  • Highly frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • Mechanical street cleaner & road sweeper resistant
  • Fast opening for traffic
  • Durable for a long service-life

GftK's vdw 855 Paving Joint Mortar is the heaviest duty grade of GftK's unique, 2-part, epoxy resin pre-coated, graded alluvial sand based, high performance paving joint mortar range. The vdw 855 is specifically designed for paved areas with frequent high traffic loads and/or heavy vehicle traffic, such as 40-tonne articulated trucks and other heavy delivery vehicles, and areas used for other specialist and heavy vehicle standings, such as those at docks & harbours, airports and other transport and logistical hubs and military facilities etc.

As with the other materials in the range, the 2-components of GftK's vdw 855 paving joint mortar are mixed in the supplied pail to a homogeneous mix that is applied to thoroughly pre-dampened paved surfaces by wet-slurry application. This means that it is flow applied across the surface and then self-compacts into the joints, for secure and very fast application, with no waiting, stopping or delays due to wet weather. The advanced vdw 855 can be applied in low temperatures from as low as +3°C and rising, where it will continue to cure as the temperature increases.

The use of GftK's vdw 855 also means that your paving will suffer no weed growth and it will not be penetrated by any burrowing insects. It is non staining and fully resistant to de-icing salts and freeze-thaw reaction - vdw 855 is quite simply the toughest and most durable paving jointing mortar available for your natural stone and concrete block paving works.


It is therefore ideal for the paving joints in many different load bearing paving situations, in different types of natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete paving elements that are suitable themselves for these loadings, such as those in town centres, on busy roads and high impact intersections. It is also ideal for the delineation and reinforced edging and entrances to heavily trafficked facilities, roundabouts, vehicle loading and turning areas, plus for many and varied industrial, commercial and military facilities with heavy vehicle usage and hard standings.

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