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NCC Natural Stone Sealer & Enhancer is a translucent, water-dispersed, impregnating, acrylic resin based, paving stone surface sealer and enhancer, which strongly repels water, oil and grease. It has been specially developed for NCC to provide the ideal solution for our customers wishing to seal and protect their natural  sandstones, limestones, granites and slates etc., as well as for other pavers such as exterior quarry tiles, bricks & concrete block paving etc., whilst also enhancing the colour and beauty of the paving. NCC Natural Stone Sealer & Enhancer is designed to prevent surface staining or frost damage, and is a very effective, impregnating sealer that penetrates into line the surface pores and capillaries, where it dries, giving a natural ‘matt’ finish to the surface, which does not change the colour, but can significantly enhance the appearance, according to the type of stone paving. Technically NCC Natural Stone Sealer  & Enhancer is classified as being both ‘Hydrophobic’ (repels water and water borne dirt and contaminants), and it is also ‘Oleophobic’ (repels oils and grease), which make this an excellent paving sealer.

Additionally, and very importantly, NCC Natural Stone Sealer & Enhancer also allows the treated surfaces to continue to breathe (or technically to transpire), which means that the surface allows each way water vapour diffusion in accordance with standard building physics, and as a result, unsightly staining and discoloration due to salts entrapment does not occur.


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NCC Natural Stone Sealer & Enhancer is a clear Impregnating sealer developed for NCC to be the ideal solution for enhancing the natural beauty of stone paving, whilst also protecting and preventing surface staining on many different types and finishes of permeable natural and reconstituted stone and other mineral paving surfaces. This includes natural sandstones, limestones, granites and slates etc., as well as for other pavers such as exterior quarry tiles, bricks & concrete block paving etc.


Directions for use:

Shake the bottle of the NCC Stone Sealer & Enhancer prior to use and ensure that the surfaces to be treated are completely clean and dry.

Pour the NCC Stone Sealer & Enhancer into a suitable container, such as a good sized roller tray, and apply uniformly using a brush, roller or other suitable proprietary application equipment. More absorbent surfaces may require further coats and on such porous and permeable surfaces the product must be generously applied to fill and seal the surface. Allow at least two hours between coats. N.B. The aim is to completely fill the substrate pores without over applying it and any surface ponding must be strictly avoided and removed if necessary. Following the sealer’s application do not allow the sealed surfaces to get wet and keep the are dry and protected from rain and/or any other water run-off for a minimum of 3 days.

On any sensitive stone and other surfaces, as always and as with any paving treatments, with NCC Stone Sealer & Enhancer we strongly recommend carrying out an inconspicuous test area and allow this to dry thoroughly first and before the overall application, as this is always the best way to ensure that all parties are happy.

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